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August 2022 Tasting Notes


Beehive Honey Wheat

Definitely sunshine in a glass. Beehive is a joy to drink, with its beautiful honey-gold color and refreshing, full-flavored body.
For our version of the classic American wheat, we use less two-row and more Munich malt for depth, and soften the edges
with the lightness of wheat. Local Black Forest honey adds character without sweetness.
| 4.4% ABV |

Yellow Kite Summer Pils

Our summer seasonal is not your father’s pilsner. Bright gold in color, this pilsner harkens back to its true European origins
with a flavor that's light and refreshing, yet absolutely memorable. Pilsen barley lends a traditional malt component, while
fine Czech and German hops add a nice snap.
| 5% ABV |

Laughing Lab Scottish Ale

Laughing Lab is our most popular brew among beer drinkers and beer judges alike, with nine medals since 1994 at the GABF®
alone. A complex blend of specialty malts provides a nutty, roasted flavor that’s mildly sweet, but not too rich. Smooth and
| 5.4% ABV |

Red Baron Octoberfest

A dark lager brewed in the traditional Vienna style. Vienna and Munich malts give our Octoberfest a toasty, dry flavor and
ruby color that warm the heart when the leaves begin to fall
| 5.3% ABV |

Red Rocket Pale Ale

The Bristol beer that started it all back in 1994 is lively and hoppy right up front, with a crisp finish--and just enough malt
character to provide balance in between. Rocket's hop character comes from a blend of Perle, Willamette, and Cascade hops.
Dry hopped with Cascade for a delectable aroma. An award winner.
| 5.1% ABV |


Our hazy IPA was made with Strata, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops, a combo that gives you tons of dank juiciness, without a lot
of bitterness. It exudes an aroma of pineapple, mango, and other citrus notes to boot..
| 6.3% ABV |

World Peace Death Ray Imperial IPA

We’re not big fans of the palate-crushing hop and alcohol levels found in many Imperial IPAs, so we set out to brew a tasty
treat for the hop loyal that embodies just a bit more finesse. Checking in at a relatively friendly ABV, our Imperial is citrusy,
pungent and robust, combining a goodly abundance of hops with a malt bill that provides the backbone your trusty palate
| 8.0% ABV |

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